Chapter 124

Innate Spell

"I am almost used to the familiarity of my physical body, but I wonder what kind of innate spell did I obtain?"

After a long run, Leylin casually did a few standard swordplay movements. After having some understanding of his reinforced body, he shifted his thoughts to other matters.

According to the Kemoyin's Pupil meditation technique and the introduction of the Book of Giant Serpent, Leylin had more understanding about the innate spell of Magi.

As far as regular Magi were concerned, most of them would choose a rank 1 defensive spell model and complement it with Grine Water to make a breakthrough.

Magi, who advanced with this method, had the smallest potential. In future, if they were unable to obtain more precious resources and a rank 2 spell model that were suitable for them, they would have absolutely no hope of advancing.

As for some large organisation heads or first-rate Magi Families' core members, they could practise the high-level meditation techniques.

Each level of the meditation technique could correspondingly promote the rank of a Magus. Moreover, the innate spell...

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