Chapter 123

Rank 1 Warlock

After Leylin had fainted, the red light in the second storey of the villa did not disappear, but gradually became more intense.

Time passed, and very soon, it was the morning of the second day.

The scarlet light grew stronger, and even the blue runes on the wall produced creaking noises as if they were unable to endure any longer.

*Ping Pang!* With sounds like the shattering of glass, the blue runes were finally dispersed and the red light shone through the walls and onto the villa beside it.

"Look quickly! What's that?"

The unusual condition of the villa was finally found out by the passersby. A bald man who looked like a merchant began to point at Leylin's villa as he shouted.

Following the direction to where he pointed, one could see that the second storey of the villa was currently radiating scarlet rays of light.

The red light was so dazzling that even the sun could not hide its presence.

With the continuous emission of rays of light, many regular humans around Leylin's villa mysteriously fainted.

*Peng!* The bald merchant who had pointed at Leylin's villa now had a frightened expression on his face...

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