Chapter 122

Attempt To Breakthrough

Leylin immediately left the academy on the second day.

He had managed to purify the ancient bloodline after using the facilities in the academy. Even the ingredients for the Serenity Potion were mostly gathered, so Leylin could not think of any other reason for him to stay.

Moreover, with the passing of time, the probability of the Lilytell family uncovering the truth would only grow bigger. Leylin had no means at all to resist them within the academy.

He also had another level of consideration. What he was about to advance to was a subtype of the ancient Magi-Bloodline Warlock!

This was definitely differently from other official Magi. During the advancement, it was possible to have unique energy waves that were radiated. If chairman Siley or a magician at that level were to find out, his ending would not be any good.

For safety reasons, it was better to advance outside.

Before leaving, Leylin carefully cleansed all traces of his experiments inside the experiment lab. No matter how hard others might try to inspect, they would not be able to know what he had been doing inside the lab.

After giving one last look at the Abyssal Bone...

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