Chapter 121


The Redbud Flower family was one of the three big families behind Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the same as the Lilytell family.

This was a family that had official Magi among every generation and could activate the battle prowess of those Magi in times of war. It was completely on a different level than Bicky's falling family.

With the protection of the Redbud Flower family, Bicky's family could only grit their teeth in defeat as they would never be able to recover the Rainbow Potion.

"As for Bicky, she was captured by the experts in her family. It's said that she would very soon be put on trial and charged guilty for betraying the family.

Hong's eyes turned red, her tears almost falling.

"Hu!" Leylin exhaled a long breath.

Bicky had a crush on Fayle, he knew it since the first day in the academy. Moreover, he also knew that Fayle did not have much moral values.

When Bicky told Leylin that Fayle had already accepted her to be his girlfriend, Leylin felt that there was a conspiracy behind it, yet he had no way of reminding her.

Fayle, who had gathered enough contribution points in the secret plane, had exchanged it for the Grine Water. Adding...

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