Chapter 1200

The Finale

The Nirvana Battlefield was a place created by two World Wills, the most stable land within the astral plane.

However, a terrifying earthquake suddenly rocked it in its entirety. Space trembled, thick and complicated chains of laws revealing themselves as they began to fall apart. The shackles that could confine Breaking Dawns broke all of a sudden, as the land that was more firm than magic alloy cracked. It was like the end of the world was nigh.

“What’s going on?” “Why is this happening?”

The earthshaking changes immediately alarmed several existences. Be they greater gods or peak rank 8 Magi, everyone ignored their subordinates’ injuries and rushed towards the epicenter. A strong sense of unease was spreading within their hearts.

The Nirvana Battlefield, the intersection of Gale Gorge, the Dark Cage, and the Battle Hills, was shaking, violent explosions rocking the lands as columns of fire soared into the sky. The heat could reduce anything to nothingness, leaving a huge dark pit that led to the core of the battlefield.

“Spacetime laws!” the Darkness Lord muttered in excitement, “Someone broke through into the fight between the World Wills. Who is it?”

The Magi and Gods looked at each other, immediately placing their suspicious on Leylin and Jergal. A majority of the dense fog of Leylin’s original sin had dissipated in this earthquake, and given the absence of the strongest members of each side it was sufficient to explain several questions.

“The laws of space and time!” “Eternity!” “Let’s go!” The Magi didn’t hesitate in the slightest as they headed for the Nirvana Battlefield....

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