Chapter 120


The auxiliary A.I. Chip from his past life had immense memory space and calculating abilities. Furthermore, for it to better aid the researchers, there was even a microscope that could see accurately up to the atomic level.

During his transmigration, it even connected with Leylin’s soul, increasing many unfathomable changes.

Now it seems that in the aspect of purifying blood, Leylin had an enormous advantage with it.

After all, the purification of the bloodline was an extremely precise yet tedious process, and this method was the kind that posed the least problem to the A.I. Chip.

“No wonder the great Magus Serholm had laid the test of horrifying calculation and analysis ability as his final test to obtain the high-grade meditation technique. To Warlocks with a strong ability for calculations, they can research on the bloodlines and unearth the power within!”

Leylin was somewhat enlightened and thought of the few breeding labs that the great Magus Serholm had had.

“No matter if it was the lab in Extreme Night City or Dylan Gardens, the great Magus Serholm had always carried out experiments on blending...

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