Chapter 1199


“So the hidden thorn was taken care of!” Regardless of what others thought, Leylin was currently in an extremely jovial mood. Having killed Distorted Shadow, he felt like his soul of original sin had grown purer, bringing him closer to the threshold of space and time.

Having devoured three peak rank 8 experts, he’d felt an indiscernible upgrade to his truesoul.

“Everyone else wasn’t injured, and even if Mother Core has to nurse her injuries for a while she did have gains in the gorge…” Leylin rubbed his chin.

Mother Core’s battle was extremely maniacal this time. She’d given her all in order to stop Chauntea from fleeing, suffering severe injuries. It took Leylin’s assistance for her to kill the Earthmother and devour her powers.

This was going to be a great benefit. Once she healed, Mother Core would be a step closer to rank 9, able to try and use the powers...

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