Chapter 1198


The four elemental planes surged, becoming the essence of a seal powered by the cries of the gods. Even then, Distorted Shadow’s laughter was more piercing than everything else.

“Before this… Were you the one who revealed the two-world plan and caused the fall of the Chaos Lord and Evil Filthy Eye?” Struck by a powerful weapon like Eicher’s Thorn, Leylin now looked rather pale. Still his eyes emanated a brilliant lustre, even as his truesoul of original sin was weakening and the phantom hydra behind him withering away.

“Yes,” Distorted Shadow did not hesitate at all, “Who told the Chaos Lord to block my path? The law of chaos belongs to me!

“Besides, only the fall of two peak rank 8s could show my sincerity. I even tried to scheme against you, but…” Distorted Shadow glanced at Leylin, as if disappointed at his failure in doing Leylin harm.

“So, during...

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