Chapter 1197

A Show

The Magi at Gale Gorge had fallen into chaos with Mother Core and Ignox being ambushed.

The gods launched an attack on them, divine light shining down on the area as angelic holy spirits swarmed the skies, singing praise of their gods as a light of purity razed the Magus castles.

*Hiss!* The void split apart at that moment, revealing the figure of a Nightmare Hydra that covered the skies.

“It’s the Lord of Original Sin!” The Magi rejoiced. On the other side, the petitioners and holy spirits showed fear in their eyes. After all, this existence that had once swallowed the sun was still burning in their memory. That fear was etched deep inside their hearts, and now it had grown into full fledged terror.

“Original Sin!” the Nightmare Hydra hissed, and dense clouds began to envelop the battlefield....

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