Chapter 1196


Violent winds swept across Gale Gorge constantly, forming a terrifying storm that possessed the power of laws. Even Magi of laws wouldn’t be able to hold on for long in this place, making it a choke point where the armies of the Magi and the gods faced off from opposite ends of the canyon. Dazzling runes were emitting energy mid-air.

*Rumble!* The earth whistled at that moment, the entire land trembling as large chunks of black granite condensed to form a female voice in greeting.

“Mother Core! You’re finally here…” a few beings of law flew out from the Magus camp, shockingly led by the Darkness Lord.

“Here, these belong to you now,” the Darkness Lord had a grimacing expression as he passed her a seal, “Also… You need to give half of the production of Gale Gorge up to the alliance, everything else belongs to you…”

Although there were no traces of...

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