Chapter 1193

A Tale Of Two Worlds

In the underworld, within the palace of a certain God of Death. The person on the throne had the most ordinary of human faces, just that his eyes were full of vigour as they radiated wisdom.

The true identity of this god would definitely astonish everyone.

This was the ancient God of Death, Jergal! Even the Kelemvor had to greet him with respect, calling himself Jergal’s student!

“The appearance of the Night Serpent has declared the beginning of the end…” Jergal sighed slowly, a trace of light seeming to appear within his pitch black eyes. “And it is when the end arrives that the light of eternity appears.”


*Rumble!* The crystal sphere shattered like a honeycomb, smashing apart as numerous Magi of laws rushed forth. The two worlds trembled and roared, and in the midst of...

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