Chapter 1192


Two streaks of lightning crashed down in the Abyss, flashing with resentment and unwillingness. The world rumbled as a few powerful gods escaped the place, cutting a sorry figure as they assembled before Silvanus.

“Chaos Lord… Deserving of the name…” Tyr looked at a laceration on his chest, filled with chaos energy as it spread throughout his body.

The other gods weren’t much better, Gruumsh the most worse off. More than half his body had been corroded, revealing dark brown skin. Golden blood and internal organs were sticking out of his body.

It wasn’t an easy task to kill two peak rank 8 Magi, and even these five formidable gods had to pay the price.

“I’ve consumed a lot of divine force. I’ll need to enter slumber for a while, and looking at the state of my worshippers it will take longer than normal…” Oghma...

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