Chapter 1191


Currently, within the conference of the Magi.

“I’m afraid the Chaos Lord and Evil Filthy Eye won’t be able to hold up, we need to send reinforcements!” Distorted Shadow shouted frantically, but then he felt awkward when nobody stood with him. After all, Leylin’s words had made sense. It was impossible for Magi to take the risk to sacrifice themselves for others.

“If there’s still some doubt in your hearts, maybe I can prove my point…” The power of original sin shot forth from Leylin’s body, carrying traces of blood with black spots. This power that carried all the sins of the mortal world attracted numerous gazes; even if everyone here was a peak rank 8 some were shocked by Leylin’s aura.

“The path of original sin… This power…” The ancient Tree of Life seemed to...

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