Chapter 1190


Numerous powerful conscients gathered within a secret space, their powerful auras forming huge black silhouettes. There were a few new figures amongst them, containing unfathomable power.

*Rumble!* Space split apart at that moment, and the powers of the world and original sin entered the space.

“Everyone!” Leylin fashioned a form out of original sin, looking at the silhouettes around him. Every person here was a peak rank 8 existence!

“The gods have stabilised their divine kingdoms, interfering with our actions in the prime material plane. Even as the world combination project was underway, someone divulged our current situation.”

“Keke.. So you’re saying there’s a traitor amongst us?” Another voice Leylin was familiar with sounded, carrying obvious hostility.

“Of course, Distorted Shadow. Furthermore, it could even be you!” Leylin...

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