Chapter 119


“However, there is also good news!”

When Leylin thought about his future developments, he slowly relaxed his muscles.

“Bosain and the other two joined in halfway while travelling. According to Jayden, Bosain even hid it from his family and the academy. Which is to say, the Lilytell family would only know that Bosain was dead, yet they did not have any idea where he had gone to or who were the people he had met. This is the best possible scenario!”

As for Jayden’s disappearance?

Leylin did not bother with it at all. First of all, Jayden was not killed by him. Even by using Lie Detecting spells and the sorts, he was not afraid at all. Secondly, Jayden only had a Professor Dorotte behind him. His background was much smaller than that of the three big families. Just based on Leylin’s mentor, Professor Kroft, he could handle this problem.

Leylin gave the cliff one final look, before walking away and never turning back.

At the same time, inside an ancient, stately and eerie fortress.

From one of the rooms, a large roar was heard, “Bosain is dead! The parasite larva on him was not activated too!”


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