Chapter 1188


“Did you see it?” Alustriel didn’t care at all about the mess her soldiers were in, instead turning and staring at Elminster with the most serious face she’d ever made.

“Yes…” Elminster took out his pipe, but he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it, “Black robes, purple eyes, and the purple-rimmed black badge… The Goddess of Shadows is back…”

“The Lady of the Night, Shar…” Alustriel grew fearful and troubled at the prospect of having to face the being who once competed with her mother.

“Mm… She’s also built a new Shadow Weave, and although it isn’t spread everywhere and can only support rank 9 spells at the most, it’s still a great attraction to all the wizards below the legendary realm…”

Elminster knew well how rational the wizards were, about their realistic mindset. They were weak in faith from the start, and...

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