Chapter 1187


“Wait a moment, look! What’s that?” Doron was still indulging in his flights of fancy, so Jimmy had to pin him down to a muddy hill. A large amount of disgusting dirt entered his mouth, so rotten it could make one puke for days and lose their appetite for months.

However, Doron couldn’t care less about that. He hadn’t even gotten the time to clear the dirt from his mouth before he saw numerous shadowy figures approaching them at great speed.

The other party moved at great speed, reaching them almost within seconds. It was the Mounted Wolves, the nightmare of the north!

“ORCS! IT’S ORCS!” Jimmy shouted, his face warping as he saw the orcs. Their races had long been at war, killing each other even if they met accidentally.

*Whoosh!* The wolf rider arrived before them in a split second. Escape...

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