Chapter 1183

Lightkiller Bugs

The sun of the World of Gods represented the law of light, being the source of energy for most secondary planes. The prime material plane, the various outer planes, even the divine kingdoms of the gods had grown accustomed to harnessing its energy, making it a natural condition for many things to grow.

Such things were normally taken for granted. Only when it was lost would one experience true horror! Multiple worlds entered darkness when Leylin devoured the sun, causing many beings to weep and wail. They all prayed to the gods, but to no avail.

Lathander’s face grew ashen in the Celestial Hall. He was the Morninglord, someone closely connected to the sun’s glory. With the sun devoured, he suffered heavy injuries.

*Crash!* His pedestal shattered immediately as he fell down the ranks. He’d become a lesser god in an instant, about to fall if not for several other greater...

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