Chapter 1180


Doron raised his head, looking at the murky dark skies. Crows were circling above his head, an omen of death.

A powerful plague had swept across their town once Old Holdman passed away. Some said it was a curse cast by the resentful wizard just before he died. No matter how much Doron was unwilling to believe it, it was true that the plague had caused many deaths. Even his best friend Mitch had fallen, and he was only saved from the brink of death due to Priest Rockefeller returning.

“Thank you, Lord Ilmater, for allowing Priest Rockefeller to return, and remove this curse from me…” he prayed piously.

If not for the village priest returning, he would’ve had to report to the underworld. He believed this had to be decreed by the Lord! If not for him, why would Priest Rockefeller to return to them and cleanse them of the plague for free?

However, he was extremely regretful that he had to leave this...

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