Chapter 118

Destroying The Remnants

“The book is a copy of high-grade meditation technique. It is only for warlocks who carries the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent…”

The beginning of the information already sent Leylin in ecstasy.

“The high-grade meditation technique that I have always dreamt of is finally in my hands now!”

Leylin only felt a surge of blood rush to his brain and almost could not resist screaming in excitement.

[Warning! Warning! Time left for the place to collapsing: 5 Minutes 01 Seconds! It has already reached the limit that the Host has set!] The A.I. Chip reminded Leylin once again.

“Damn!” Leylin started running immediately.

When he started to run out of the study, he glanced quickly at the collapsed corpse of Bosain.

“To have you buried inside the secret plane is the best method to conceal the murderer. And, since I did not directly kill him, the probability of any Detection Magic is very less”.

After walking away from the study room, he found himself inside the Dylan Gardens where there was every kind of flower blooming.

Leylin did not think any further and reached out to grab the few most precious flowers and placed it in his robes....

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