Chapter 1179

Mortal Realm

*Rumble!* The sheer number of rank 8 auras that appeared at that moment caused Mother Core to be startled. “The power of calamity… You managed to get the Lords of Calamity on your side?”

Leylin only smiled, shifting the conversation as several powerful figures passed the crystal sphere to enter the World of Gods.

"The World of Gods... A place of eternal obscurities and mysteries. The Final War has begun once more..." The Eye Emissary and Molina led six more Lords of Calamity into Baator, standing proudly in the void.

Just the gathering of such powers caused calamity to spread throughout their surroundings, causing space itself to wail. Having reached an agreement with the World Will, their powers had been restored. Free of their constraints, they no longer had to seal themselves in that jail of a world.


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