Chapter 1178


“Agree to these conditions, and I won’t aggress in the future. We can even explore the World of Gods together, the bounty you’ll receive there is more than what you can accumulate here in ten million years…”

Even though Leylin’s intention to tempt them with the World of Gods sounded easy, there were some difficulties he had to cross to get to them. The hardest was to showcase peak rank 8 might, suppressing all these rogues with the fear of death. He then had to deal with Dreamscape’s World Will.

Molina looked at her peers, answering after a period of hesitation, “This matter… We have to discuss…”

“Of course, discuss away. I’ll be here waiting.” Leylin smiled and waved the Lords of Calamity on, watching their conscients converse.

These conscients conversed at the speed of thought, discussing a thousand years of information in but a second. It wasn’t long before they gave Leylin...

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