Chapter 1177


The power of dreams converged in the boundary between the real and the illusory, forming a boundless strange world. A Magus dressed in black robes stood at the corners of this world, his arrival causing the world to cheer as if a child had returned home. Dreamscape opened its doors up wide.

“It’s still this desolate here…” Leylin stood in midair, absolved from the powers of the laws. His soul of original sin allowed him to survey most of the world at once.

Dreamscape was still as desolate as before, from when dreamforce was waning and the Lords of Calamity had to seal themselves.

Leylin was here in his true body, having left the World of Gods to enter the astral plane. With the Manderhawke Plate in hand and an intermediate god as a clone, the World of Gods was like a back garden that he could enter and leave as he pleased.

With all of Baator as his divine kingdom...

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