Chapter 1176


[Beep! Host has killed Baalzebul. Gluttony’s Devouring activated, absorbing new law… Law of sloth currently at 100%.

Beep! Seven Sins has unlocked Sloth’s Recovery.

Sloth’s Recovery: User recovery is boosted by 500% when inactive. Seven Sins can now repair damage automatically.

Beep! Host has killed Mephistopheles. Gluttony’s Devouring activated, absorbing new law… Law of envy currently at 100%.]

[Beep! Host has comprehended the law of envy, Seven Sins has unlocked Envy’s Thief.

Envy’s Thief: User can steal the divine weapons and laws of other beings.]

The multiple notifications put Leylin in a good mood. The Nightmare Hydra’s body behind him materialised completely, each of its heads containing a different law. The power of sin across all intelligent beings was now absorbed by Leylin, forming a thick dark mist around his massive body.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip sent another notification, and Leylin grinned even wider than before. [Beep! Path of original sin completed, Nightmare Hydra bloodline has achieved complete form.]

In an instant he’d felt the power of his bloodline reach the limit, coming into contact with an extremely obscure door of sorts. The door was guarded by the power of spacetime, forming a mountain pass. Leylin knew fully well that it was the bottleneck to rank 9.

*Buzz…* The power of original sin thundered in his body as the dark mist grew even more black. The crimson energy became more animated, showing signs of life. Feeling the power of original sin as the river formed behind the Nightmare Hydra, Leylin felt like it was extremely picturesque.

He’d now completed his laws, opening his path up for further travel. However, there was something still missing.

“Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Lust… The seven sins form original sin, combining with Massacre and Death to form a perfect cycle. However, all this lacks an embodiment of pure evil…” Leylin looked at Asmodeus who’d been sealed within the river. Once he extracted the essence of this devil, his path would be completed and allow him to become a peak rank immediately!

However, Leylin’s incredible willpower stopped his urges. “Although I can wield dreamforce at its peak, it’s still not perfect. I need to subjugate Dreamscape’s World Will, and get it to hand over the essence of dreamforce so I can lay a perfect foundation for my advancement…”

Since he’d achieved everything he set out to, Leylin naturally intended to do things to perfection. Although peak dreamforce allowed him to harness the powers of spacetime, Leylin wanted more! He didn’t just want to become rank 9, he wanted to be the absolute best of rank 9 Magi. That was a given on his quest for eternity!

Hence, this dreamforce that would even satisfy other peak 8 Magi and cause them to be envious of him was not enough in Leylin’s eyes. The essence of Dreamscape’s origin force was an evolved form of dreamforce known as nightmare force, and that was what he wanted!

“Just nice! I have the strength to execute my plans now…” Leylin did not give another looked at the broken Nessus as he vanished from Baator…

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!* Three consecutive explosions reverberated across the many worlds. Be it gods, Archfiends, or even lich kings, everyone cast a look of shock towards Baator. A golden divine kingdom within was now shining brightly, rapidly swallowing up the last of the Nine Hells. Baator was one once more, radiating with holy light as its surging origin force was converted to the power of the divine kingdom. This place could cause even greater gods to be fearful now.

The Nine Hells having a new owner meant that the devils had been destroyed. The eight Lords of Baator had been a force to be reckoned with even for greater gods, never having lost an inch to the gods or demons and instead counterattacking all this while. Now, they’d been vanquished by a Magus. Baator was the first to bow out of the Final War, reminding the gods once again of fearsome memories they’d chosen to wipe from their minds.

The powerful energy of a god strengthening themselves travelled past many worlds, causing many powerful existences to frown.

““Kukulkan, my Lord! You are the guardian of our souls, the stars in the skies! You are a haven for my soul, the God of the Nine Hells. You are the keeper of strength, the God of Wrath and Order, the Ruler of Devils…”” Under Tiff’s guidance, everyone in Leylin’s divine kingdom was praying to him. The power of faith converged into a holy river, causing Baator to roar as powerful origin force entered Leylin’s clone.

Mother Core chose to leave Baator on her own accord. There was in fact a trace of alarm in her eyes as she looked at the divine kingdom, feeling a powerful repulsive force.

“This isn’t inferior to the divine kingdom of a greater god… With this as your base, you’ll be able to hold for a long while even with multiple greater gods attacking you at once. Leylin… You really have found a good place within the World of Gods.” Traces of complex emotions appeared in her eyes.

Having swallowed the Nine Hells and obtained new laws, Leylin grew quickly in power, shooting through the ranks to quickly reach rank 17. She felt like Leylin wanted his clone to advance to greater godhood!

However, the tides of faith soon dissipated, under the complicated congratulations of many powerful existences. Leylin’s rank remained at 17.

However, even this was extremely inconceivable given his birth year in the World of Gods!

Atop the Whitejade Saint Mountain, the clone opened his glowing golden eyes. Lightning that could form and destroy entire worlds seemed to streak past its gaze.

[Beep! Clone currently at rank 17.] Blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes.

His old clone had been a part of his soul, but this one was under the full control of the A.I. Chip. With the two being originally one anyway, the auxiliary A.I. Chip could also receive faith in him, being controlled by the primary chip. He’d even managed to retrieve the split soul, so there were no longer any side-effects binding him to the power of faith.

Large streams of information flashed in the clone’s eyes.

[All stats +5! Host’s arcanist ranking has increased by 5, currently rank 40. Obtained divine domain— Fall of Seven Sins.]

The power of a domain stemmed from one’s divinity, something a demigod did not possess. Every additional domain brought great boosts to one’s strength. That is why gods focused on increasing their divine ranks, not paying much attention to other matters.

Leylin looked at his stats.

[Name: Leylin Faulen.

Divine Name: Kukulkan, the God of Massacre (Controlled by auxiliary A.I. Chip).

Race: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Divine Domain (Simulated): Massacre, Death, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Lust

Divine Kingdom: Baator

Divine Rank: 17.

Worshippers: Natives, Devils, Adventurers, Priests.

Worshipper Alignments: True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil.

Domains: Massacre, Death, Devouring, Seven Sins

Arcanist Rank: 40. Strength: 38. Agility: 38. Vitality: 38. Spirit: 44. Arcane Energy: 440. Divine Force: 1500. Status: Healthy.

Feats: Herculean Strength, Master of Knowledge, Dreamscape Vision, Epic Adaptability.

Divine Feats: Origin Force Detection, Arcane Art Amplification, Illusions.

Divine Abilities: Warp Reality, Supercomputing, Simulate Reality, Fall of Seven Sins.]

“The increased divine rank gave me a new domain, huh…” Leylin’s attention was drawn to his new ability, and the A.I. Chip showed information about it.

[Divine Ability— Fall of Seven Sins: As the Lord of Original Sin, the Host can use any negative emotions to affect the target’s mind, inducing the power of nightmares to have the target turn. Applies to beings of law as well.]

“Even law existences can be affected if they are consumed by the emotions of original sin. I can then subjugate them into my slaves?” Leylin rubbed his chin and sighed. In the World of Gods, be it the Magi or the gods themselves they were consumed by their inner desires. Anyone could become his puppet.

Even peak rank 8s weren’t devoid of emotions. However, they did have the ability to stem their desires once they manifested. However, how powerful was the strength of inner desires? As long as a peak rank 8 had flaws, they could be used by Leylin!

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