Chapter 1175


Facing the powerful Mother Core, even Distorted Shadow had to retreat.

Having ousted his true body, the two returned to the divine kingdom, shattering any and all wild dreams from the other powerful beings.

A large hole had been blasted into Nessus by the explosion of Thultanthar. The entire plane was badly damaged, and even the deep gorges and valleys had been destroyed. Even if Nessus was as powerful as the divine kingdom of a greater god, it had still been damaged. Half of its powers of law had been destroyed, weakening it significantly.

*Shing!* Leylin darted in through a gap in the skies, Seven Sins howling as he killed Distorted Shadow’s clone immediately.

“Now that I’m here, what else have you guys got to say?” Leylin looked at the four devils before him, weapon in tow. His smile caused them to shudder in fear.

*Rumble!* The earth continued to tremble underneath them, Asmodeus’ clone having been destroyed with the explosion of the flying city. Having been the greatest contributor to Nessus’ defence, he was the one who was hurt the most by its destruction.

And now, his main body was forced to face Leylin. He looked extremely miserable, multiple scars on his body from the explosion alongside cuts from when the rift was destroyed. The wounds had grown bigger than before, and a part of a wing had been torn off.

“Hurry and leave! Don’t let him gather all our power!” Asmodeus howled. He knew well that Leylin had already broken through Nessus, destroying their last hope. Their only counter left was to leave Baator entirely, stopping Leylin from completing his path of original sin. He would lose momentum, and the war would come to an end.

However, how could Leylin give them this chance? The phantom Nightmare Hydra appeared behind him, each of its head releasing a deafening roar. Boundless power of laws surged forth from six of them, forming a powerful web of energy that trapped Nessus within.

“He sealed space!” Glasya screamed, the light of her teleportation spell dimming. Asmodeus cursed as well, shouting in shock.

Speaking of shock, Mother Core had been far more surprised than even the father-daughter duo. She’d been observing the scene from his divine kingdom, and she noticed Leylin seal off space to prevent all escape. “The power to seal spacetime… He’s already come into contact with rank 9 laws? Such terrifying talent…”

To be able to seal the teleportation of a being of law meant meant he had high comprehension of the law of spacetime. This fellow wasn’t even peak rank 8 yet! This achievement surpassed those of many of his predecessors.

‘He really does have a chance to reach rank 9…’ Mother Core made a silent evaluation. Although Leylin was still far from being able to harness the complete power of spacetime to reach rank 9, she still had high hopes for him.

“Asmodeus… I am not the Supreme of Baator.” Leylin’s body grew exponentially as he moved forward, matching the size of the self-proclaimed ruler of hell. Seven Sins roared ceaselessly as two rays of light were unleashed, each containing the power of laws.

Blessing of Greed! Fury Amplification! The two buffs put Leylin quite close to the peak of rank 8. Each of his actions could crush multiple smaller worlds!

*Boom!* Seven Sins changed forms, taking the shape of a dazzling six-bladed battle axe. Leylin roared out as he swung the axe downwards, like a giant splitting the earth apart.

“Argh… The origin force of Baator, please abide by the primordial contract…” Asmodeus chanted as he revealed an ancient scroll. The parchment floated in mid-air, glowing with dull light as it attracted the last of Baator’s origin force. This was the original copy of the primordial contract, Asmodeus’ final trump card!

“Your methods are outdated, Asmodeus. I am the sole ruler of hell now, its overlord!” The battle axe shone brightly and as it swung downwards, leaving a brilliant afterimage behind.

*Crack!* The origin force from the primordial contract broke immediately upon contact with Seven Sins, and the axe swung towards his body without mercy. It caused another grave injury as he flew backwards, levelling a massive canyon.

*Buzz!* Asmodeus wasn’t the only one to feel the aftereffects. The moment the primordial contract was broken, the devils in the last of the Nine Hells began to wail. They could clearly feel that the surging power of Baator’s origin force was waning, causing their powers to deteriorate.

“Baator is now my divine kingdom. All devils who do not become my petitioners shall die!” Light flashed in Leylin’s eyes as the crimson power of original sin appeared in his hands. Seven Sins turned into a javelin as he willed it, containing the energy to split apart laws themselves.

“The Path of Original Sin is the end of all things!” The javelin was as fast as lightning, repelling even the origin force of the World of Gods. Its sharpness could destroy all laws, and this instrument of destruction appeared before Asmodeus.

*Pu!* The javelin pierced through the Lord of Baator, devouring all her powers and destroying all signs of life. Glasya’s face turned sluggish with disbelief as she forced herself to look backwards, seeing her father.

The moment the javelin was about to strike him, he’d sent a powerful force to bring her before his body. She’d been used as a meat shield to block this fatal attack! Glasya’s beautiful face smiled wryly, and before she could say anything, she turned into dust.

The A.I. Chip’s notifications sounded in Leylin’s ear.

[Beep! Host has killed Glasya. Gluttony’s Devouring activated, absorbing new law… Law of lust currently at 100%.]

*Hss!* The Nightmare Hydra behind Leylin hissed loudly as another head materialised from its neck. It absorbed all of the lust in the astral plane, turning it into his law of original sin.

[Beep! Host has comprehended the law of lust, Seven Sins has unlocked Fantasia.

Fantasia: The user can elude the detection of beings of law.]

“This decisiveness, should I say as expected of a devil?” Glasya’s death had only bought Asmodeus some time. Seven Sins glowed once more as the effects of Fantasia were released, causing Asmodeus and the other two to grow dull.

*Hiss!* The Nightmare Hydra roared, as an incomplete path of original sin materialised around it. It seemed like a long flowing river that immediately consumed Asmodeus’ true body.

Having entered Leylin’s powers, Asmodeus shrunk continuously before becoming a bug. The bug was encased in amber and sealed by the Nightmare Hydra.

‘Asmodeus is the key to merging the seven original sin, and the spawn of hell. His energy can catalyse the fusion of all evil, and he’s irreplaceable… However, this isn’t the right time to fuse it…’ Leylin retrieved Seven Sins, turning it into a crossblade with complicated runes inscribed atop it.

AT this moment, the last two Archdevils were running towards Leylin, fear clouding their expressions as if they’d seen ghosts.

“You still think you’re running away?” Leylin brandished the cross blade. “Fantasia can even cast an illusion on rank 8 beings, how can the two of you resist it?”

With the power of dreamforce as a foundation and the strength of Seven Sins, Leylin could toy with rank 7 beings. The Nightmare Hydra hissed as the two remaining illusory heads stared down at the lords.

“Become my strength…” Leylin chanted, and the Nightmare Hydra howled as the power of original sin sealed off the space around them. Mephistopheles and Baalzebul were suppressed, and the two heads opened their maws and devoured the two Lords of Baator who could only watch on in despair.

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