Chapter 1174


“It’s great that the two of you could join our alliance…” The grin on Asmodeus’ face turned wider as he signed the contract.

“I’ve already ordered my subordinates to resist at all costs in Maladomini. We should be able to delay him for a while…” Baalzebul said. His aura had grown weak, apparently having severed connections with the Seventh Hell. Even if his subordinates knew they’d been given a suicide mission, as lawful creatures they could only surge forth to complete their orders. Such was the dignity of an Archdevil!

“Same here,” Mephistopheles chimed in, “I hope that buys us time…”

Leylin’s fearsome image, Seven Sins in hand, had evidently been etched deep into the minds of these Archdevils.

“I stand by my previous suggestions,” Distorted Shadow...

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