Chapter 1173


“Something’s brewing in the prime material plane…” The clone returned to the church just as Leylin arrived at Malbolge.

He looked at the tilted floor beneath his feet. The Sixth Hell was a boundless slope, a plane of constant landslides as the fortresses built on these slanted lands shifted constantly.

The plane was blotted out, swarming with devil hunters that had chased the devils out of this layer. Sadly, they couldn’t find Glasya. The cunning and beautiful Queen of Lust had been incredibly decisive, abandoning her dignity as an Archdevil to give Malbolge up to Leylin. She’d escaped to the lower hells.

“Devils without a leader are a giant without a head or a beehive without a queen. They’re a complete mess…” Leylin didn’t encounter the slightest of troubles in taking Malbolge...

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