Chapter 117

True Or False

Upon seeing the sight of Bosain collapsed on the ground, Leylin did not feel any pleasure.

“You were a worthy opponent — your strength, your equipment, and even your cunning are highly admirable and hard to overcome! Concealing my strength, draining the energy of your magic artifact and making you use all of your trump cards — if I had not done all these, today’s victor could certainly have been reversed...”

These were sincere words from Leylin.

If he hadn’t disguised himself as a pig but one that could eat a tiger and saw that Bosain had drained the energy of his magic artifact “Silver Light” and also the opportunities that made Bosain reveal his trump cards, the outcome of the battle between Leylin and Bosain would have been rewritten.

But ultimately, Bosain was killed at the hands of Leylin. Even his death could not be decided by himself.

This time’s affair caused Leylin to understand this fact.

In the Magus World, there were innumerable geniuses and even more trump cards. In the future, unless necessary, it was better if he kept a low profile.


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