Chapter 1168

Distorted Shadow

“ARGH! Just who am I? Cyric… Distorted Shadow…” Terrifying divine force was launched in all directions with Cyric’s screams, disintegrating Merrick’s body and soul without pause. But then again, it might have been kind to this worshipper that he didn’t have to see what happened next.

A faint red light enveloped Cyric’s body. The Book of Truth transformed into astral light that ignited upon contact with the red light, forming faint red flames. Cyric’s body abruptly split in two.

The new being was a hazy shadow that radiated the might of a Magus. “I’m back!” Distorted Shadow proclaimed, “The World of Gods, and that puny Magus… I’ve returned!”

Being at the peak of rank 8, Distorted Shadow wasn’t someone who’d die so easily. How could resurrecting with the Weave’s destruction be his only plan?

He’d inserted some of his power into Cyric’s true body before, giving himself a chance for...

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