Chapter 1166

Intermediate God

Levistus was actually extremely lucky. Perhaps because they were both at the level of gods in the end, Death's Decree didn’t have full effect.

However, the ability had still stalled him for a moment, a moment long enough to determine his fate. By the time he recovered his senses, the sharp blade of Seven Sins was already at his neck.

[Beep! Host has killed Levistus. Gluttony’s Devouring has been activated, host has gained a new law… Comprehension of law of pride currently at 100%.]

*Hss!* The Nightmare Hydra hissed once more, another head materialising on its body. It absorbed the pride of the entire universe, turning it into the power of original sin.

[Beep! The law of pride has awakened a new ability in Seven Sins:

Prideguard: The armour of Seven Sins has been fortified, nullifying all physical and magical attacks at the legendary realm.]


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