Chapter 1165

Seven Sins

With the baptism of the Nightmare Hydra, Seven Sins let loose a terrifying buzz of origin force. It roared with power, thirsty for the blood of beings of law.

[Beep! Information on Seven Sins has been added to the database] the A.I. Chip reported.

[Seven Sins: Overgod Weapon(Origin Force Weapon).

Source Materials: World Crystals, Blood of Apollo, Dreamforce, Shadow Force, Mermaid Scales, Prophet’s Bones.


Gluttony’s Devouring: Seven Sins can devour the blood and souls of its enemies, obtaining their power.

Blessing of Greed: The weapon’s greed boosts the user’s powers.

Massacre Amplification: The souls of any beings of law killed by Seven Sins will be dispersed.

Silence In Death: Any existences killed by Seven Sins will be wiped from the passages of time, removing all chances of resurrection.

Further effects remain locked(Respective laws required).

This weapon is bound to the Lord of Original Sin. No other existence will be able to wield it.


The weapon that Leylin had devoted hundreds of years to finally reared its head, showing off its viciousness to the world.

“Haha… Good abilities, I like it!” Leylin grasped Seven Sins with both hands, and the weapon buzzed in harmony as it revealed a sword’s blade.

“This… Overgod weapon!” The Archdevils gasped in fright, looking at the weapon’s splendour with fear.

“Indeed. Your blood shall become its power!” Leylin’s eyes were filled with indifference as he appeared before Samuel, the Lord of Wrath who ruled the Fourth Hell.

“Damn it… What have you done to my land?” Samuel roared in rage. His strength increased in the midst of his fury, flames howling forth from Phlegethos as a massive wave of origin force surged into him.

“You may be an Archdevil, but the origin force of just one level of Baator will not protect you from my weapon’s terror.” Leylin swung the massive sword without fear, the weapon buzzing violently as phantoms of Dreamscape and the Shadow World took form behind it. The rage of two large worlds immediately shattered the phantom of Phlegethos behind Samuel’s back.

“Haha… Seven Sins was baptised with the origin force of two large worlds in its creation. What can a mere ninth of the origin force of Baator do to it?” Leylin was laughing like a maniac, the huge sword easily sweeping away the surging flames to sever Samuel’s right hand. At the same time, it left a deep gash on his chest.

“ARGH... ” Samuel screamed in agony, not daring to face Leylin directly anymore as he retreated. A being of law, an Archdevil, had been severely injured and sent into retreat in a single strike.

How would Leylin give up on such an opportunity? “Come back!” he howled, Seven Sins transforming into a bladed chain with a black hook at the end. It hooked onto Samuel, culling him back.

“Blessing of Greed!” Seven Sins transformed continually, becoming a horned hammer. With the Blessing of Greed and two large worlds backing it, it immediately crashed down Samuel’s head.

The overwhelming attack caused Samuel to finally feel despair. He lost all confidence and dignity, beginnign to plead for help from the other lords, “QUICK, SAVE ME!”

“Stop him! He’ll become harder to stop if he gets Samuel’s powers!” Everything had happened too quickly. A Lord of Baator had been defeated in almost an instant, and even Asmodeus didn’t have the time to react. By the time he moved together with the others to surround Leylin…

“A pity… It’s too late!” Leylin laughed loudly, a layer of origin force melting off from Seven Sins to cover his entire body in armour. With that protection and his own might as a rank 8 Warlock, he had no fear of the devils’ attacks.

“Cry, scream! Your resentment and anger shall become my power. Even Asmodeus won’t be able to save you now…”

Asmodeus was indeed a crafty old devil. He was much more powerful than the rest, his blazing fists breaking through Leylin’s defenses. However, Leylin was still a step ahead. Even if he was injured by hellfire the hammer continued to smash down.

*BOOM!* Phelegethos seemed to freeze in that moment. The other Archdevils cursed, screamed, and roared in rage as one of their own fell to Leylin in front of their eyes!

Leylin didn’t care about all that, however. He was focused on the A.I. Chip’s notifications.

[Beep! Host has killed Samuel. Seven Sins has activated Gluttony’s Devouring, absorbing new law… Law of wrath currently at 100%.]

*Hss!* The Nightmare Hydra behind Leylin hissed loudly as another head materialised from its neck. It absorbed all of the fury in the astral plane, quickly healing itself of its injuries.

[Beep! Host has comprehended the law of wrath, Seven Sins has gained the Fury Amplification ability.

Fury Amplification: The user can double their stats by consuming the powers of wrath.]

‘It really is great to battle devils! I can get stronger and gain more abilities as I kill them…’ Leylin was extremely elated by the acquisition. He immediately activated the new ability.

*Rumble!* Asmodeus felt Leylin’s strength doubling in an instant as it pulsed with fury. The Archdevils were immediately pushed back.

“Samuel’s strength… You absorbed it so quickly?” Glasya cried out in shock. The other Archdevils, including even the haughty Levistus, turned pale. How could they deal with an enemy that got stronger the more he fought?

“No! He’s only putting on a strong front. Even a greater god can’t escape our combined attack without injuries, he’s nothing!” Asmodeus was indeed a sly old devil. He saw through Leylin’s disguise immediately, “Let’s attack together! We’ll be able to take him out.”

“I am indeed injured…” Leylin’s broken armour merged back to form Seven Sins, and the weapon grew in size. “But before I die, how many of you will pay the price and join me in death? Is it two of you? Maybe three?”

Leylin mocking gaze swept past Levistus, Mephistopheles and Baalzebul, causing their expressions to change. Even average humans would double guess themselves in a time of death, let alone these powerful devils.

Asmodeus almost vomited blood at this. Even now Leylin hadn’t forgotten to pick at their natural disposition. With him and his daughter being together, the ones being sacrificed would most likely be the other three. They wouldn’t want to die just like that.

The other lords began to have second thoughts, exposing the fatal flaw of their unreliable alliance. With this thought in the back of their minds as they faced powerful opponents, Leylin could even turn the tides and corner him instead!

“Damn it! Let’s retreat!” Asmodeus said as he looked at the evident mistrust in the eyes of his ‘allies.’ He seethed with fury, but all his preparations had come to naught and he had no choice but to retreat.

The other Archdevils retreated as well. Seeing the divine light from Leylin’s clone covering the entirety of Phlegethos, they felt extremely humiliated.

The Lords had spent decades and sacrificed countless life to besiege Leylin’s kingdom. The result? They’d ended up suffering devastating losses. Forget conquering Leylin, they’d even given him the Fourth Hell now. Snot dripped from their noses as they cried in shame and agony.

“Leave now! It’ll be too late when his divine kingdom covers this area!” Levistus transmitted to his subordinates. As the Lord of the Fifth Hell, he was the most affected by Leylin’s actions. He would be Leylin’s next target, and this Magus was more fearsome than Kukulkan, and much harder to deal with.

“Not you.” Levistus had never thought a single sentence would crush all his hopes. He’d only been slower than the rest by a beat, but Leylin caught up to him immediately. The razor sharp blade of Seven Sins was pointed at him, carrying the power of death.

“Divine ability— Death's Decree!” Leylin didn’t even attack him. Levistus’ consciousness just… stopped in an instant.

Powered by the laws of death and massacre, Death's Decree was an ability that grew with its wielder. With Leylin now being a rank 8 Warlock, he was at the peak of intermediate gods, rank 17. Levistus was a peak lesser god at the most, and with the sheer difference in power he was incapacitated at once.

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