Chapter 1165

Seven Sins

With the baptism of the Nightmare Hydra, Seven Sins let loose a terrifying buzz of origin force. It roared with power, thirsty for the blood of beings of law.

[Beep! Information on Seven Sins has been added to the database] the A.I. Chip reported.

[Seven Sins: Overgod Weapon(Origin Force Weapon).

Source Materials: World Crystals, Blood of Apollo, Dreamforce, Shadow Force, Mermaid Scales, Prophet’s Bones.


Gluttony’s Devouring: Seven Sins can devour the blood and souls of its enemies, obtaining their power.

Blessing of Greed: The weapon’s greed boosts the user’s powers.

Massacre Amplification: The souls of any beings of law killed by Seven Sins will be dispersed.

Silence In Death: Any existences killed by Seven Sins will be wiped from the passages of time, removing all chances of resur...

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