Chapter 1164


“I am Kukulkan, the God of Massacre!” The A.I. Chip clone released a powerful domain after getting the authority from the Nightmare Hydra, seeming just like the original.

[Faith channeled successfully, blessing system in order.] A lot of data appeared from the A.I. Chip.

The clone was but an intermediary. It allowed Leylin’s Magus body to borrow the powers of his divine kingdom, using the divine domains he’d possessed as the god. Even as the A.I. Chip made its report he could feel his main body connecting to a massive sea of faith.

Kukulkan had accumulated decades upon decades of faith, and now it was all being absorbed by the Nightmare Hydra. It made Leylin feel stronger with each passing moment. Combined with the power of emotions he just absorbed, it pushed Leylin towards a higher realm.

[Beep! Emotion...

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