Chapter 1162


Karsus’ Avatar had been launched! Leylin was going to take over the Weave, effective immediately!

He’d tried the spell he’d inherited from Distorted Shadow once before when he was in the Shadow World. Although there had been many side effects to it, he’d managed to get rid of Shar and obtain victory in one move. The A.I. Chip had been improving it ever since, and now it was as powerful as a rank 8 spell from the Magus World as it barrelled towards Mystra.

*Rumble!* The entire World of Gods trembled as the Weave materialised all around it, brimming with boundless energy.

“Mystra…” Leylin turned towards the goddess, proclaiming, “Your everything, is now mine.”

‘So he was the one I feared all this while, with strength that could...

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