Chapter 1162


Karsus’ Avatar had been launched! Leylin was going to take over the Weave, effective immediately!

He’d tried the spell he’d inherited from Distorted Shadow once before when he was in the Shadow World. Although there had been many side effects to it, he’d managed to get rid of Shar and obtain victory in one move. The A.I. Chip had been improving it ever since, and now it was as powerful as a rank 8 spell from the Magus World as it barrelled towards Mystra.

*Rumble!* The entire World of Gods trembled as the Weave materialised all around it, brimming with boundless energy.

“Mystra…” Leylin turned towards the goddess, proclaiming, “Your everything, is now mine.”

‘So he was the one I feared all this while, with strength that could claim my life at any time…’ Mystra’s enlightenment had come all too late, at her dying breaths. With control of the Weave shifting to Leylin, her true body revealed itself. Her face was filled with fear as the silverflame on her body raged out of control, engulfing her entirety.


“NO!” “HOW?” Gasps of exclamation were heard from the upper planes and even the underworld. Mystra’s divine kingdom crumbled away, falling into the infinite void.

“Our Lady… why would the Lady…” Mystra’s priests wept in the prime material plane, feeling the great agony of divine power being stripped from their bodies.

Even more shocking was the scene outside Leylin’s divine kingdom. The petitioners in the place collapsed lifelessly, their auras waning as their bodies disintegrated. Several valiant spirits and holy spirits tried to resist, but with Leylin’s control of the Weave they were wiped out immediately as well.

‘The Weave of the World of Gods…’ Despite prior experience with the World of Gods, Leylin felt an extreme burden on him the moment he took over the Weave. He felt like a little boy trying to use a large axe, about to hurt himself at any moment.

‘The Weave is incompatible with my domain. Fusing with it by force will only taint my path…’ Leylin concluded immediately after he wiped the army out, ‘On top of that, there’s still problems even if the A.I. Chip optimised the spell…’

At the same time, Leylin Farlier sneered as he felt a force of distortion congeal in the void.

“You want to control me to release your conscient? Dream on… Collapse!” With Karsus’ Avatar giving him the Weave, Kukulkan ordered its destruction immediately. This wiped out the divine role of the Weave in itself, and explosions sounded out as the network of purple veins that covered the world broke apart. The sound of weeping travelled across multiple worlds.

*Boom!* An explosion rocked the Celestial Hall the moment the Weave was destroyed, coming from the Overgod’s throne.

Many wizards were shocked by the destruction of the Weave. The construct that they’d used from the start had lost all connection to them, and any who were casting a spell at the time of collapse suffered from an explosive backlash that left them without a complete corpse. With the Weave gone, all of the wizards in the world had become worthless!

As for the gods, they roared in rage. They’d lost the channel they used to acquire faith and converse with their worshippers. The convenient Weave gone, it was a disaster to have to expend the divine force it took to contact or bless their worshippers directly.

The so-called strongest system of the World of Gods had disappeared just like that. Even the devastation it caused right away was only the surface, the heavy repercussions of this loss only to be felt much later.

Still, the most dangerous effect of the destruction of the Weave had revealed itself.

“Jeje…” “Hahaha…” The core of the Weave revealed itself, and the seal that the gods had built to trap the conscients of many fallen Magi was broken apart. Leylin opened the doors of this prison, allowing these hardened criminals to escape!

Mortals, Professionals, various creatures… They all raised their heads, only to see the sky swamped with darkness as the moon connected to the Weave shone brightly in the skies. The Weave continued to crumble apart, severing its connection to the moon as dozens of powerful evil laughs escaped into the prime material plane.

“The moon! The moon has changed!” The white moon turned a dark purple to the shock of the mortals. A large, vile eye opened up in the centre, seemingly watching over the World of Gods.

“So the conscients were sealed in the moon, huh?” Leylin looked at the now-black moon, grinning, “BREAK!”

*Rumble!* The eye on the moon shattered to the tune of Leylin’s roar, several dark shadows immediately covering the world in darkness as they spread out.

“We may have been forgotten by the passage of time, but we shall never forget. VENGEANCE AGAINST THE GODS!” The fragment of a peak rank 8 Magus resurrected itself, turning into a great evil that caused the gods to turn green. The shattering Weave continued to affect the entire world, only abated by the sea of origin force doing its best to suppress the violent ripples of energy.

“The Overgod is acting? Pity, trying to stop the effects of the Weave breaking will only aggravate your wounds,” Leylin said grimly.

The attack that should have destroyed more than half the world had been suppressed by the Celestial Hall. However, Leylin felt it more effective to deal the Overgod a serious injury than destroy some plains or kill a billions useless creatures.

“You… YOU DARE!” Kukulkan moved to encircled a power of distortion, causing a black figure to appear behind him and howl in rage.

“Distorted Shadow… You wished to make use of me and inserted a backdoor into Karsus’ Avatar. Don’t think I’m unaware of your wishes to escape the Weave.” A golden net began to cover Leylin’s clone, extending to the warped shadows nearby, “My path was never the path of the gods. Here, suffer the backlash of the Weave with me!”

Kukulkan laughed maniacally as several golden lights escaped from his body to be absorbed by the main body.

There was a serious flaw to Karsus’ Avatar. Nobody in the astral plane could withstand an instant transfer of the Weave’s authority to them, even Shar would need to spend ten thousand years adapting. On top of that, Leylin had destroyed the Weave after he gained control of it. The backlash from such an act was so devastating even the Overgod would be grievously injured. The spell was but a deathwish.

But now, Leylin’s Magus body had begun to reap the fruits of his labour in the World of Gods. Although the clone perished together with Distorted Shadow under the backlash, he remained indifferent. He’d already made preparations to transfer what was important.

[Beep! Clone’s comprehension of laws received— Massacre: 100%, Greed: 100%, Death: 100%.]

The killing of the greater god to obtain the Weave had pushed Kukulkan’s law of death to completion. The clone would likely have added death to his portfolio, but as a Magus Leylin had no need for that.

“I was prepared to lose this clone ever since I named it Kukulkan…” When he’d sent the clone into the World of Gods, Leylin had been prepared to give up on it completely. The clone would have to bind its powers to faith and worshippers, something that disagreed with his roots. Even a greater god would die without faith, and Leylin considered that simply too sorrowful.

As a Magus, he was different. Every ounce of his strength belonged to him and him alone. Nobody could take it away!

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