Chapter 1161


‘She got the remaining gods to completely exclude me…’ Leylin grinned coldly within his divine kingdom, ‘So that’s her power? Indeed, with control of the Weave and the backing of the gods of magic she has allies aplenty…’

His grin only grew wider as he recalled what Mystra had whispered to him after being ousted from the Celestial Hall.

‘She’s threatening me to hand over Shar’s location?’ Leylin rubbed his chin in interest as he thought about Mystra’s conditions, ‘Seems like she’s scared… She thinks Shar is hiding behind my back and scheming something… True, she would be an idiot if she did not not suspect anything after I demonstrated my ability to use the Shadow Weave…’

Leylin recalled the information he had at hand. Shar and Mystra had been rivals from before the dusk of the gods, their schemes...

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