Chapter 1161


‘She got the remaining gods to completely exclude me…’ Leylin grinned coldly within his divine kingdom, ‘So that’s her power? Indeed, with control of the Weave and the backing of the gods of magic she has allies aplenty…’

His grin only grew wider as he recalled what Mystra had whispered to him after being ousted from the Celestial Hall.

‘She’s threatening me to hand over Shar’s location?’ Leylin rubbed his chin in interest as he thought about Mystra’s conditions, ‘Seems like she’s scared… She thinks Shar is hiding behind my back and scheming something… True, she would be an idiot if she did not not suspect anything after I demonstrated my ability to use the Shadow Weave…’

Leylin recalled the information he had at hand. Shar and Mystra had been rivals from before the dusk of the gods, their schemes against each other unending. Mystra had eventually been allowed to become the Goddess of the Weave, letting her advance to become a greater god.

‘She’s focused on Shar now, thinking I know her location…’ Leylin found it extremely hilarious. ‘However… Even if I told her that Shar was in the Shadow World of the astral plane, how would she exit the crystal sphere? And assuming she does, what’ll she do about the Magi waiting right there to attack her from all sides?’

“Now that things have fallen to this stage, she’ll most likely keep this up…” After some consideration, Leylin had rejected her conditions. His eyes flashed as one of his avatars appeared at the border of his divine kingdom.

*Rumble!* The power of magic surged violently at the borders of Baator, many wizard souls forming a large spell formation with the Weave. Each one of them had stern faces, casting different dazzling spells. An army of golems was beside them, their metal surfaces filled with runes as all their cannons and other weapons were aimed at Leylin’s divine kingdom.

A goddess was standing at the front of this army of magic. She had an extremely exquisite face, looking so fragile that one breath could break her. Her snow-white skin and starry eyes combined with the dazzling light shining off her body to radiate divine dignity.

“Isn’t ousting me from the Celestial Hall enough to quell your rage, Mystra?” the avatar asked.

“I cannot tolerate it anymore. Kukulkan, God of Massacre. Give me Shar’s location immediately, or face my army of wizards.” Mystra’s expression turned icy, “Submit to me, and you will gain the friendship of a greater god.”

The subordinates continued chanting after she spoke, the combined spell forming with a powerful flurry of energy. Each of them had the strength of a high-ranked wizard with the unlimited support of the Weave, the energy they consumed to cast spells immediately replenished by Mystra’s divine force.

“A threat? This is your usual style…” Leylin was currently under extreme pressure. His faith in the prime material plane had suffered, and the worshippers he did have were being detained by Kelemvor. He’d also been at war with the devils for decades, and Mystra had just ousted him from the Celestial Hall. Even with all this, she immediately came knocking on his door to threaten him.

The Goddess of the Weave thought Leylin would submit quickly with the size of his divine kingdom, not costing much at all.

However, not everything worked according to this goddess’ will. Leylin had prepared for this the moment he was kicked out of the Celestial Hall.


Leylin only shook his head at Mystra and the chanting of her subordinates. “Mystra,” he said sternly, “I ask sincerely, consider this once more. Do you really want to wage war with me? You won’t be able to face the consequences.”

‘How?’ Mystra’s mighty will trembled th that instant, and she seemed to feel a scary omen.

However, she was a greater god! That fear was followed by utter disgrace, ‘I actually fear a lesser god? Even if he’s related to Shar and that legend of that Night Serpent… Dammit!’

She had only hesitated for that one moment. Her thoughts moved towards her allies in Tyr, Kelemvor, and the others she’d made after the battle of the north. Her forces had almost doubled since then.

“Indeed. If you still continue to resist, then there can only be war!” Mystra waved her hands, and powerful spells surpassing even the legendary realm began to converge.

“In that case,” Leylin’s avatar slowly vanished. He appeared with his main body, carrying a strange circular disc.

“What are you trying to do?” Mystra grew extremely wary. After all, it was inconceivable for a god to step out of their divine kingdom with their true body. Furthermore, she felt a strange chill being emitted from that strange plate.

“If you want war… Then war it is…” Leylin Faulen smiled gently, but it looked extremely malevolent in Mystra’s eyes.


Many Magi of laws had already gathered together outside the crystal sphere of the World of Gods.

“As was decided, Mother Core and Leylin will decide upon the first batch of Magi to descend. Is that alright?” Ignox looked at the surrounding Magi, a large bone timepiece in his hands.

It wasn’t just the Magus World. Existences from the Purgatory World, Icy World, and many others were present here. This included the Nefarious Filthbird and Trial’s Eye.

“No problem!” “I concur!”

The other Magi agreed. Leylin and Mother Core had been given exclusive rights to decide the first batch of Magi to descend, granting them a lot of benefits. Leylin’s own aura had already become extremely hard to fathom, and nobody knew what his current strength was.

“It has begun… The destiny of billions of years… The final war with the gods…” many existences muttered to themselves, many emotions welling up within them.

It was at this moment that they saw a small hole opening on the crystal wall, intertwining with evil intent. Merciless roars sounded out as several of them launched themselves through.


“Then I shall fulfill your wish.” Kukulkan was looking at Mystra with a faint trace of pity, “The Manderhawke Plate… Show your power to connect worlds!”

He tossed the strange plate in the air. Countless repairs and improvements had brought it to a new level of completion, and it dazzled in the air as milky white light formed a passage connecting the World of Gods to outside the crystal sphere.

All of the gods watched on incredulously as their eternal wall, the unbreakable wall fortified by the Overgod, slowly melted away to reveal a passage to the outside. Several overpowering auras rushed inside, carrying the power of evil.

“Haha… It’s indeed the World of Gods!”

“I can smell the aura of the gods, and these souls… More beautiful than a skylark!”

“Kill… The divinity and ichor of the gods will fertilise my lands, until truth is found and eternity attained…”


“What’s happening?” All the legendary beings of the world immediately shifted their gazes to this region. The mysterious evil aura seemed to dig ancient memories out of their minds.

“This magic… MAGI!” Oghma was the first to exclaim, “Heavens… the ancient dusk of the gods, is it about to happen again?”

The frightening news instantly echoed through all the divine kingdoms, alerting even the demons of the Abyss and the devils of Baator.

“Magus! You’re a Magus!’ Mystra was stumped when she saw Leylin’s true rank 7 body standing behind his clone. Her following screams almost pierced through the skies.

[Beep! Host is a rank 35 arcanist.]

“In my name as a Magus…” Leylin walked forward, powerful origin force welling up within him as it carried the intent of the Magus World’s World Will. Many Magi of laws roared out.

[Outer Weave 100% analysed, Inner Weave at 50%.]

“I announce…” The World Crystal covering the overgod’s throne in the Celestial Hall began to tremble. The entire world seemed to roar out in grief.

The one that felt these changes the greatest was Mystra. She looked at Leylin’s Magus body, and the fear she felt from that familiar aura almost caused her to turn around and run away.

However, it was too late.

[Beep! All conditions met, rank 12 arcane spell, Karsus’ Avatar— Activated!]


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