Chapter 1160


“In the name of the Supreme, KILL THEM!” The great army that had gathered in Phlegethos charged out with a roar, entering Leylin’s divine kingdom under the guidance of the pit fiends present.

*Rumble!* However, they were greeted by lightning and thunder the moment they entered the place. Bolt after bolt crashed down, leaving huge pits in the ground as they completely decimated the devils in range. Some devils were even being burnt by flames, screaming miserably as their resistance to fire proved to be useless.

Although the devils had come to a ceasefire agreement with Leylin, it hadn’t been all that restrictive. The contract was broken the moment the devils made their move, so Leylin had nothing holding him back.

“My Lord, Kukulkan, bestow upon us the power of massacre!”...

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