Chapter 116

Taking Action

“Indeed! The inheritance of an official Magus is a sufficient reason for this fellowship to be broken!”

Jayden spoke slowly.

“Not only that!” Now, the metal liquid covered Bosain’s body and turned into a silver white armour.

“If it was just a spell model, Grine Water or something of that sort, I wouldn't mind at all. But this is Norco Curadu Sfar’s legacy!”

Bosain’s face became flushed.

“We are talking about the great Magus Serholm! The inheritance of a rank 4 Morning Star Magus!”

“The great Magus Serholm?!” Clarity appeared on Jayden’s face. Of course, he had heard of the legend of this great Magus.

However, in the legends, the great Magus Serholm used an alternative title. Apart from Leylin who had an overpowered way to store data and Bosain who had a solid family foundation, there were many who weren't aware of this fact.

“Since you know the reason, you can die in peace!”

Bosain did not conceal the killing intent on his face as he viciously slashed the silver white sword down upon Jayden.


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