Chapter 1159


Although his worshippers being in his divine kingdom would benefit him in the short run, over time they’d be whittled away. It’d be akin to a slow suicide.

However, Leylin didn’t care about that in the least. What he lacked the most was time, and the longer he could drag things out the more benefits he would get.

As long as he could finish becoming a God of Death before the faith from his worshippers dwindled to nothing, he would be able to bring his true body over and restart the Final War. The greater gods would be forced to deal with peak rank 8 Magi, and Leylin wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore.

‘But I seem to need something more to comprehend the law of death…’ Leylin’s eyes flashed, deep in thought, ‘It’ll go faster if more souls are provided as experimental subjects…’

However, it wasn’t easy to...

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