Chapter 1156


A powerful spatial storm enveloped Whitejade Saint Mountain within Leylin’s divine kingdom, space being ripped apart as the silhouette of a flying city appeared within the chaotic region.

A cathedral atop the mountain radiated golden light that protected the surroundings, rendering them unaffected by the flying city.

“Kukulkan, my Lord, you are a star in the skies, the overlord of our souls…” The petitioners on the mountain knew Thultanthar to be their Lord’s mount, a sacred artifact of the Giant Serpent Church. They were not fazed by its appearance, instead kneeling down to pray.

“A.I. Chip, report Thultanthar’s status,” Leylin said as he opened his eyes, sitting in the main control room dressed in gold.

[Beep! Thultanthar has suffered 36.77% damage. Energy reserves depleted, Shadow Weave broken. Secondary spell formations...

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