Chapter 1155


“The fight’s pretty intense!” Thultanthar was flying outside in the void, hidden between spatial rifts out of reach of the powerful lightning in the orc plains. It looked like an indomitable mountain, its strength unfathomable.

[Beep! Thultanthar concealed by Shadow Weave, setting defence levels to A1…] A black net spread out in the surroundings of the Netherese city, slowly disappearing as it intertwined with the Weave in the vicinity. It concealed the city’s aura immediately, making in undetectable no matter how close it got to the battlefield.

“Initiate plan,” Leylin ordered indifferently, an icy gaze flashing in his eyes.

He’d taken a risk with his avatar before, engaging with Malar and the orc gods to help Mystra and Tyr deal with...

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