Chapter 1154

A Fall From Grace

The balor’s Root of Evil was but a catalyst. The seed of evil Leylin had planted in Rafiniya oh so long ago had now erupted, fuelled by the weakening of her faith. Baator’s World Origin Force cheered as a legendary paladin fell from grace, turning into a devil!

“Haha,” Rafiniya knelt and wept, “Good, evil, justice… What do they even mean? What did all my effort come to?”

Flames began to burn around the fallen paladin, and a phantom image of Baator appeared as numerous devils and even the Lords of Baator cheered at the sight of a legendary paladin turning.

“ARGH…” The dark flames enveloped the Lady of Hope, causing her to shriek in anguish.

The flames greatly transformed Rafiniya’s body. Her face grew far more enchanting than before, as a pair of dark wings appeared behind her back to make her look...

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