Chapter 1151


“For New Silverymoon City, for the Alliance, and for the people of the north!” Even as Leylin was facing the orc gods, Queen Alustriel was garbed in her seldom-used armour as she riled up the troops in front of her, “The war for the north has come!”

“Ouh! Ouh!” The troops let out a warcry as they banged their swords against their shields.

With how slow armies travelled it would take a few more days of travel to reach the battlefield, but that didn’t matter at all. Alustriel was currently boosting her troops’ morale, and under Elminster’s lead several high-ranked wizards had already ambushed several orcs along the borders.

With Silverymoon’s strength and the backing of several legendary figures, their powerful spells would teach those orcs an unforgettable lesson! Alustriel’s chest was bursting with excitement and pride…


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