Chapter 1150

Sneak Attack

Meteor Explosion! Ultimate Shattering Palm! Absolute Break!

Leylin moved his fingers like an expert musician as he strummed the strings of the Shadow Weave, releasing terrifying legendary magic. Numerous spells were formed without any setup, complementing and amplifying each others’ power to form a vast current of magic!

“Legendary combination technique— Arcane Torrent!” This was a project Leylin had been researching for a while. It was a divine version of the spell he’d used in his adventurer days, and this fight against Shargaas was the first time he’d used it.

The earth rumbled as a terrifying explosion hit the surface, the aftermath shrouding the space between Shargaas and Leylin. Space itself had begun to distort from the horrifying damage of the attack.

‘This God of Massacre… He isn’t even 400 yet but his comprehension of magic is so great....

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