Chapter 115

Falling Out

“It seems like we have to get rid of her first!”

Leylin’s face was expressionless as he pointed to the cloth doll which was still clutching its face.

Regarding the matter of the other two abandoning him earlier, it seemed like the trio were suffering from selective amnesia.

Leylin understood that if he were to fall out with these two now, it would be a devastating loss.

Concerning this vengeful spirit figurine, they could only work together to even have a chance at defeating or even killing it.

As for that incident earlier, there would be plenty of opportunities later to get back at them!

“Fire! Alice hates fire the most!”

At this moment, the pink flame had already been extinguished on the pink doll’s face.

The originally beautiful face of the cloth doll was now charred black. Even an eyeball was now missing.

However the doll still laughed and said, “The three of you, let’s play together!”

With a wave of its hand, the tables and chairs began to jump around. Even the lamps and closet seemed to grow a pair of small legs as they danced and sang nursery rhymes,...

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