Chapter 1149


“My Lord… I’ve already done as you instructed, and completed the trade with the Neon Merchant Group…” Gara prayed before Malar’s statue after sending the Neon Merchant Group away,

“Grr… Roar!” A golden light descended upon him, and the statue released a beastly growl. Malar’s conscient had descended to pass a holy decree. The shaman would have to interpret this string of sounds accurately, but that was natural to him. Gara nodded his head from time to time…

At the same time, several gods had gathered within Malar’s divine kingdom.

“The Giant Serpent Church is too arrogant,” an orc god sneered, his body shrouded in a strangely tranquil darkness. It was Shargaas, the Orc God of Stealth.

“Not bad… A mere lesser god dares to ally with us orc gods…” Another tall and mighty orc god smirked, giving...

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