Chapter 1149


“My Lord… I’ve already done as you instructed, and completed the trade with the Neon Merchant Group…” Gara prayed before Malar’s statue after sending the Neon Merchant Group away,

“Grr… Roar!” A golden light descended upon him, and the statue released a beastly growl. Malar’s conscient had descended to pass a holy decree. The shaman would have to interpret this string of sounds accurately, but that was natural to him. Gara nodded his head from time to time…

At the same time, several gods had gathered within Malar’s divine kingdom.

“The Giant Serpent Church is too arrogant,” an orc god sneered, his body shrouded in a strangely tranquil darkness. It was Shargaas, the Orc God of Stealth.

“Not bad… A mere lesser god dares to ally with us orc gods…” Another tall and mighty orc god smirked, giving off a rugged and barbaric aura. This was Ilneval, the Lesser God of Combat.

“ROAR!” Right at that moment, a series of roars and howls sprang forth from the divine kingdom.

“We know, Malar, we know… The massacre domain will definitely come to you. We’ve worked together for so many years, can’t you have a little faith?” The God of Death Yurtrus said from the side. His tone dripping with sarcasm caused Malar to want to rebuke, but the vengeful spirits around his body somehow did not take away from his calmness.

Although they were all lesser gods, most orc gods were suited to fighting. Their only greater god Gruumsh was busy preparing to fend off Mystra and Tyr, and since they only had to deal with another lesser god there was no need for him to be here personally.

“The sacrifice of a god’s avatar… hehe… I can’t wait much longer…” Several avatars’ gazes began to pierce through the horizon, and they peered into the Moonwood, where a massive sacrificial ceremony was being held by the Blackblood Tribe.

The tribe had consumed all the blood essence from the Neon Merchant Group, forming a river of blood in the ceremony site. Vengeful spirits seemed to be wailing in anguish on the surface of the river.

A powerful prisoner of another race was tied to the altar, their body filled with seals. The wounds littering it indicated the fierce battle it took for the werecreatures to cause it to submit, and the damage it had given to them before it lost.

As a God of Massacre, Malar blessed his worshippers for the deaths of powerful enemies. He’d even personally send his avatar down if they slayed a legendary expert.

The ritual being held by the Blackblood Tribe now was even larger than that. There were several legendary experts being used as sacrifice, alongside the blood essence of countless humans.

‘The Lord will definitely enjoy this ceremony. He’ll even give us his blessings, ranking us up…’ The shamans assisting the ceremony looked somewhat excited, their eyes filled with delight as they looked at the bound prisoners.

However, their leader Gara and several other legendary shamans didn’t seem as elated. There instead seemed to be a trace of worry in their expressions. Werecreatures had evolved from beasts, and they shouldn’t have held such emotions in the first place. That they were appearing now was a sign that the danger they were about to face was extremely terrifying, one that even legendaries would have no control of!

“Malar, my Lord, you are the Lord of Massacre, amongst the stars in the skies. You are our protector, your name forever sacred amongst our kind. You are the one true Lord…” More and more of the werecreatures prayed fervently, and the ritual slowly reached a climax.

Several shamans draped in white robes held short black daggers in their jaws as they walked up amidst the prayers. “Malar, my Lord, you are the Devourer of Blood. The fear of your enemies gives you strength, their flesh and blood becoming your divine power. The blood of these legends shall be a source of your glory and strength…”

Even knowing their fate was sealed, the sacrifices began a futile struggle. There was even a legendary dragon amongst these prisoners, its spiritual force only inferior to the Great Dragons.

However, there were no traces of emotions on these shamans as they skilfully wielded their daggers, “O’ Lord… Please accept our offerings!”

*Kacha!* The thick, sturdy scales of the dragon did not seem to have any resistance against the special black dagger, cut open mercilessly as fresh green blood poured forth from the wound.

*Sssii! Sssii!* The corrosive blood burnt a hole into the ground, but the dragon’s eyes dimmed as they eventually lost their light.

“ROAR!” The werecreatures seemed to cheer louder than before at the scene. The shamans expertly dissected the dragon’s body amidst the clamour, separating its limbs and tossing them into the river of blood.

The corrosive river began to boil, and a crimson glow was soon emanated from it as it absorbed all the flesh. A golden glow had settled around Malar’s statue, indicating that the God of the Hunt had been summoned successfully. The roars and prayers only grew louder at the scene, so powerful that even the clouds in the sky were shattered apart.

As the last sacrifice, an elven prisoner, was tossed into the pool of blood, the glow around the statue strengthened. A golden ape descended upon the Moonwood amidst the werecreatures’ roars, and everyone knelt as they watched their lord with a fervent gaze.

Malar howled as he arrived at the river of blood. It was apparent that he enjoyed this offering, and couldn’t wait to indulge. His powerful claws stroked several shamans who were kneeling beside the blood, and golden beams of light descended upon the teary creatures.

‘An instant rank up!’ The onlookers could only be envious as they looked at the fortunate ones with red eyes.

“Roar!” Malar unleashed a few more growls after rewarding his worshippers, jumping into the river of blood.

*Boom!* But just then, a strange event occurred. The crimson blood turned black, and the vengeful spirits within materialised as they climbed onto Malar’s body. A strange black net appeared from the river of blood, trapping Malar within.

“What’s happening?” Several shamans were shocked as they looked upon their comrades, watching dumbly as the scene unfolded. Some of the wiser ones had already reacted, “Those slimy humans! There’s something wrong with the blood essence this time!”

It wasn’t until now that they suspected the Neon Merchant Group, but it was too late to do anything about it. The black net moved into the skies, and there seemed to be an invisible rope tightening it further.

“Kukulkan, my Lord… You are the Lord of Massacre, the Ruler of Devils. You are the one true Lord of the world!” A portal opened up in the skies, and Leylin walked out amidst zealous hymns. He looked like a shrewd hunter, sapping Malar’s energy through the large net. Once Malar expended all his energy, he would go in for the kill!

“He’s finally here!”

*Rumble!* The skies roared. Dark clouds shrouded the Moonwood, and a silver serpent emerged from within. Multiple portals opened up as the avatars of several orc gods descended upon the Blackblood Tribe, the surge of divine aura leaving the werecreatures on the ground awestruck. God after god stepped out of the portals, causing great shock to reverberate in their hearts.

Only the peak of werecreature society had been aware of this, and they hastily put up defences as they retreated. They silently prayed for their side to be victorious, and for this divine battle not to spill over to them.

“Kukulkan… God of Massacre? Become an artifact for my divine palace!” the god concealed in darkness struck first. A powerful pair of claws swiped out from the void, targeting Leylin’s heart. Even a divine avatar would lose a great deal of power if they suffered such a critical injury!

‘A stealth attack, and they can conceal themselves in the shadows… Shadow Realm! It’s the God of Stealth, Shargaas!’ Leylin instantly understood who the attacker was, but his expression remained as still as water.

Golden light surged around Leylin’s body, indicating that a divine battle was about to begin!

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