Chapter 1146


*Bang!* Under the eyes of numerous helpless onlookers, desperation surfaced in the duke’s eyes. However, their legendary might was all for naught as his body suddenly exploded, flesh and blood scattering as the corrosive pus covering the barrier almost caused Alustriel and the rest to puke.

“To kill a duke right in front of us… This is a serious provocation!” A solemn look surfaced on Elminster’s face. He was disappointed that he hadn’t been able to identify the enemy from the duke’s eyes, and soon that solemnity was replaced by infinite fear. The duke was a legendary wizard himself, and he was killed so easily. What about everyone in the hall right now?

“Report!” a high-ranked wizard staggered in, the panic noticeable on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Elminster asked with a frown, overstepping Alustriel’s authority.

“Earl Eric, Chekov,...

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