Chapter 1144


The gods possessed the strength to turn the heavens and the earth upside down. Leylin’s divine ability, Warp Reality, made a joke of things such as innate talent or aptitude.

Even as the boy was stupefied, some changes manifested on Lonce’s body. Before the youth even had the time to express his gratitude, Leylin’s prophetic words ended and he fainted immediately.

The incident caused a stir all around them. The priests saw the imprint Leylin left behind on the boy, and knew what to do next.

‘I’ll most likely get another zealot once news of Eric’s end reaches his ears…’ Leylin stroked his chin.

Gods had a myriad of complex tasks to accomplish everyday, and from one point of view Leylin’s actions just now were a net loss. However, his worshippers needed a boost in morale from time to time. Since Eric and his family were being destroyed anyway, he chose to reveal his...

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