Chapter 1143


“Young master, this will harm our reputation…” An old butler spoke, his words staggered.

“We’re a mighty noble family, our glory eternal. All this filthy business is the work of those under us. Got it?” Eric looked towards the butler with a gaze full of meaning. The man understood what he meant, backing down respectfully as the young noble continued to swirl the wine in his glass. It seemed like he could see those two captivating faces within the blood red wine.

“You shall all become mine! Just you wait…” he muttered pervertedly, and his cheeks flushed.

The news leaks from the Blackmoon merchant Group caused a lot of pressure to fall on the Neon Merchant Group. Under Rafiniya’s lead, the paladins went all out to completely decimate a few hidden strongholds. They even managed to find an encampment close to Barbara’s current position.

With her church supporting her, Rafiniya had grown...

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