Chapter 1143


“Young master, this will harm our reputation…” An old butler spoke, his words staggered.

“We’re a mighty noble family, our glory eternal. All this filthy business is the work of those under us. Got it?” Eric looked towards the butler with a gaze full of meaning. The man understood what he meant, backing down respectfully as the young noble continued to swirl the wine in his glass. It seemed like he could see those two captivating faces within the blood red wine.

“You shall all become mine! Just you wait…” he muttered pervertedly, and his cheeks flushed.

The news leaks from the Blackmoon merchant Group caused a lot of pressure to fall on the Neon Merchant Group. Under Rafiniya’s lead, the paladins went all out to completely decimate a few hidden strongholds. They even managed to find an encampment close to Barbara’s current position.

With her church supporting her, Rafiniya had grown more sly and cautious in dealing with the Giant Serpent Church. High-ranked priests accompanied practically every team, and a squad of legendary paladins were ready to reinforce them at any moment. History would not repeat itself in the next encounter.

With the millennia it had spent amassing power, the Church of Justice was just more powerful than the Giant Serpent Church. Tyr being a greater god wasn’t the only thing they had.

Anya’s face flushed red as she sent an emissary from the Blackmoon Merchant Group away. “It’s a show of power! A brazen show of power!” she complained to Barbara, “I’m sure they were the ones who led the paladins here!”

Anya paced around uneasily in the drawing room, “Our location being leaked was just a warning. If we don’t agree to their requests, they’ll definitely hit us with something more powerful…”

“Hehe… what foolish and ignorant people. They’re walking further and further along the path to death…” Barbara put the letter in her hand down, smiling with confidence. “They want to take over the Neon Merchant Group and work together with our church, and they want you to go personally as a show of sincerity? Will I have to go in the future as well?”

“Saintess…” Anya looked hesitant, feeling apprehensive.

“Of course we’ll fight back, and we’ll fight back strong!” Barbara sounded resolute.

“That’s right! Any sinners who have the guts to go against our Saintess must be punished with hellfire!” The legendary devil hunter entered the drawing room, accompanied by Fagus.

“But the Blackmoon Merchant Guild has complicated relationships underground, and Earl Eric is someone of high status. His family can be ranked amongst the top three of the Silverymoon Alliance…” A trace of fear appeared in Anya’s eyes.

The Bane Family as it was right now did not have the means to duke it out even with the Blackmoon Merchant Group, leave alone the duke backing it. Without the Giant Serpent Church assisting them in their fight, they would be like little ants.

“That’s not all. Eric’s father, the duke in office, is a high-ranked legendary,” Fagus mumbled seriously. He turned towards the devil hunter, “How confident are you in your chances, my lord?”

It was apparent that Fagus was good at public relations. Even this prideful devil hunter pondered over this seriously, before answering stiffly in the mainland’s language, “I’m confident I can kill him, but only if there’s no interference. That’s pretty much impossible in New Silverymoon…”

“Exactly,” Fagus sighed. “Queen Alustriel and Old Mage Elminster are present there, both peak legendary beings with the power of divinity…”

Silverymoon was known to be the place with the most advanced spells in the continent, a sacred land for all wizards. Countless high-ranked spells had been created there, and even many legends had improved their craft. It even included the likes of Leylin! In the minds of many normal beings, the ascension of the young wizard was largely thanks to the great accumulations of Silverymoon.

The power the wizards had accumulated over time caused the Silverymoon Alliance to grow into a terrifying existence. Its numerous high-ranked and legendary wizards allowed it to stand the test of time, being able to hold on in the wars against the orc empire.

Most of New Silverymoon was filled with high-ranked wizards, their combined strength letting them contend even with the avatars of gods. In this light, planning an ambush or assassination was a poor decision.

“Besides, there’s no use killing Eric and the duke. Their family is huge, and has organisations all over the continent. It’ll only give us more enemies…” Fagus sighed once more.

The duke’s family was truly enormous, with numerous hidden branches and powerful beings in their ranks. They were scattered all over the prime material plane. Even if their chief and his successor were killed, they would never give up. Unless they could eliminate the entire family at once, trying to take it on would only result in an endless amount of trouble.

The duke’s family was leagues beyond the scope of the Bane Family. But that was only to be expected; after all, the Banes wouldn’t be so troubled by the Church of Justice if they had such power in the first place. They would have instead been higher up the ladder in Silverymoon, able to live comfortably.

“You don’t need to worry about this issue at all.” Barbara stood up, solemn and dignified. A hazy layer of divine light descended upon her, and a mighty existence’s conscient began to converse with the saintess. A golden lustre flashed in her eyes, and she turned certain.

She delivered a decree with complete seriousness, “The Blackmoon Merchant Group and the family of that Eric are marching to their deaths. The Lord will completely exterminate them.”

The very moment Barbara stood up, the devil hunter had knelt down to pray like a devout follower.

Anya and Fagus were crouched on the ground, their bodies still trembling. They’d been frightened silly by that imposing aura that even dragons couldn’t hold a candle to. Just the conscient could cause an ordinary being to bow their head.

After that powerful conscient disappeared, Fagus regained his senses and asked fearfully, “What? Is… Is the God of Massacre descending?”

“That’s right! The Lord has already informed me that Eric and his family will be wiped out!” Barbara spoke with conviction. From her point of view, since even the god she believed in had made a prophecy, the family would definitely be wiped out.

‘Is this the aura of a god? Even if it’s a large family like that in the prime material plane with many connections and legendary beings in charge, with limitless powers hidden in the shadows, wiping them out is an easy task… Right, how could I forget? No matter how generous and gentle the servants of this existence are, he’s a powerful God of Massacre…’

An absent look flashed in Fagus’ eyes, and Anya’s own filled with heat. This was what she truly pursued, power over millions of lifeforms!


Outside, Leylin’s avatar descended towards the north.

“A land filled with the stench of war, a greater god watching over it at all times…” Leylin’s eyes flashed as he understood everything, and he snickered before entering the prime material plane. As a true god, he basically had nothing to fear anymore. He naturally didn’t have to keep a low profile.

He spread his senses slightly, and large numbers of golden thread sprang into view. They consisted of strong emotions, the souls of his worshippers forming multiple scenes before him. ‘The threads of faith are being managed quite well here. It must be from the impression I left behind at the beginning, and Barbara’s hard work…’

Leylin tapped a random strand, and it took him to the children inside the stronghold. A weak little boy was praying to his statue within.

“Mighty Lord of Massacre, I beg you… Give me the courage and strength to protect Sister Barbara!” Lonce’s gaze was extremely resolute and filled with determination, “Please, I’m willing to give up everything!”

‘Such great awareness… His faith is bordering zealotry already…’ Such people were the best of seedlings for a god, ones that had to be nurtured properly. With the emphasis deities placed on faith and piety, every zealot was a treasure.

‘Let’s see…’ Leylin sent his conscient down, scanning through the boy’s memories without him even noticing. ‘Hmm? So he’s related to Blackmoon as well. Eric rendered him a homeless orphan, and now he’s a refugee?’

Seeing these dark memories, Leylin poured a trace of his conscient into the golden thread. Lonce, who’d been praying all this while, suddenly felt himself being flooded with energy.

“I am the God of Massacre, the Ruler of Devils and Setter of Laws, Kukulkan! Speak, pious child, what do you need of me?”

The dignity and intimacy in the voice let Lonce affirm that this was the god he worshipped. Realising that a prayer from even the lowly him had been gifted an instantaneous response, hot tears filled the rims of his eyes.

“I see the future. Eric shall wail in the fires of hell in the future, while you will obtain strength to protect hope…”

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