Chapter 1142


“Hehe… where has your mind gone to, my little Anya... “ Barbara lifted Anya’s chin, “The church isn’t doing so badly that you’ll have to make sacrifices for it yet…”

Anya heaved a sigh of relief after hearing those words. Although she didn’t mind such things, it also depended on who the other party was.

“What does the Saintess mean?”

“Though I didn’t state my position, doesn’t the fact that he didn’t seem to care enough to ask say something?” Barbara gazed at Anya with a half-smile, “News of the Bane Family siding with the Giant Serpent Church surely must have spread throughout the north, and he must be unwilling to enter such muddy waters… Besides, their thought process is far more complicated than you’d think. I even suspect that…”

Anya immediately turned solemn. Only now did she realise that, even in terms of the refined war of...

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