Chapter 1140


The next time Anya saw Barbara, the saintess was casting a heal on an old servant.

They were in a hidden stronghold in the north that belonged to the Bane Family. There were a few powers here who provided servants and slaves to their master, Fagus Bane, and this old man was obviously one of those servants. His back was humped with all the work he’d been subject to, and his clothes tattered.

There was a disgusting stench coming from him, one that almost caused Anya to crinkle her brows and escape. She could swear that even sewage smelled better than him, and on top of that the old man had a few disgusting lacerations on his pus-filled hands that almost caused her to vomit.

The World of Gods wasn’t very advanced medically, and most priests only cast divine spells on nobles or high-ranked Professionals. Commoners had to power through...

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