Chapter 114

The Dylan Gardens

“That being so, why don't we all enter together?!”

Bosain looked at the other two.

“Certainly!” Resolve surfaced on Jayden’s face.

For him, the exploration, this time, was only considered successful if he found a Magus inheritance!

“I have no objections!” Leylin looked calm on the surface, yet it was contrary to what he felt.

He was aware of the person who left behind this inheritance and what was buried here.

"Rank 4 Magus, a virtuous person in legends, inheritance of the great Magus Serholm!” Leylin’s heart blazed in desire.

The three had the same opinion and entered the rusty metal passage.

The tunnel was broad, enough to fit 3 adults walking side by side.

Since they were 3 youths, naturally they had more freedom for movement.

Leylin touched the wall and grey dust fell down, revealing the silver metal wall behind it.

At first, it felt was icy-cold, then again it felt warm. This metal gave a strange sensation when Leylin’s fingers touched upon it.

[Discovery of an unknown metal, not registered within database!] After a scan, the A.I....

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